Gay and Lesbian Family Building

Many same-sex couples desire the experience of having children. In the United Sates alone, there are over 9 million children with gay or lesbian parents. At Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute, we continue to help many same sex couples achieve their dream of growing a family. There are several options that may help LGBTQ couples who are interested in becoming parents.

At your initial consultation with Pacific In Vitro, you will have the chance to discuss your concerns with the physician and our fertility support team that is here to help you with your journey.

For lesbian couples, Reciprocal IVF is performed using the eggs of one partner through In Vitro Fertilization with donor sperm (known or anonymous), and the resulting embryo is transferred into the womb of the other partner.

Gay male couples will need to use an egg donor, either known or anonymous (through an egg donor agency). The egg(s) can then be fertilized with sperm from one or both of the intended parents and scheduled for an embryo transfer into a gestational carrier. It is important to note that embryos created from 2 different sperm sources cannot be transferred into the same gestational carrier simultaneously.

Through donor sperm IVF, donor egg IVF, Reciprocal IVF, and IVF cycles using gestational carriers, Pacific In Vitro is proud to assist individuals and couples achieve their dream of having a family.

Couple with Baby

“Everyone there treated us with such kindness and took great care of us throughout the entire IVF process.” -M.K.