Our team of highly devoted and committed physicians, nurses, laboratory, and office personnel does all it can, ethically and technologically, for the fertility of our patients. In short, we enable women to conceive children through the appropriate use of the most modern technology.

Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute is Hawaii's first IVF clinic. Since 1985, we have assisted couples when other efforts have failed. We were the first to perform successful in vitro fertilization in Hawaii. (See History or In The News)

A group of gynecologists who specialize in infertility and a PhD embryologist formed the clinic in 1985 — Dr. Thomas Kosasa and Dr. Carl Morton are still directors along with our laboratory Director, Dr. Thomas Huang. Since then, Drs. Bruce Kessel and Celia Dominguez have joined our team. (See our doctors’ bios)

Infertility treatment is complex, requiring a large amount of time and effort by many professionals. That is why we employ the “team approach” — physicians, biologists, laboratory technicians, nurses and front office staff working together with you to provide the highest level of care.

Patients benefit from the wealth of knowledge from all five of our experienced physicians who work together on patients’ cases to provide the highest level of care. You will be seen by each of the physicians during the course of your IVF cycle. Our internal charting and communication protocols ensure that each professional within the clinic is fully apprised of your case.

Infertility is not always easy to talk about and more common than you might imagine...

We are here to help.