Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute was established in March 1985, when our clinic began screening and seeing patients with infertility problems. From a group of 30 couples who were the first seen at the clinic, Hawaii’s first in vitro child was born in December 1985. The birth was front-page news in Hawaii, and baby Jacquelyn and her parents were celebrities.

Today, Jacquelyn is a healthy, vibrant young woman, who’s well rounded with a love for life. “Jacquelyn has always known how she was conceived; she knows she is Hawaii’s first test tube baby. But I don’t think she really understands how far-fetched it was for us to have her,” as her mother tells the newspaper. Her parents had tried unsuccessfully to have a baby for five years.

Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute had helped bring more than 4,900 babies into the world since 1985. We continue to help people from Hawaii and around the world.