About Us

Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute is Hawaii’s first IVF clinic, founded by a group of gynecologists who specialize in infertility, and a Ph.D. embryologist. Since 1985, we have assisted couples when other efforts have failed. Dr. Thomas Kosasa is still the director, along with Dr. Thomas Huang and Dr. Celia Dominguez. (See our doctors’ bios)

Hawaii’s first in vitro child was born in December 1985 with the help of Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute. The birth was front-page news in Hawaii, and baby Jacquelyn and her parents were instant celebrities.

From left: Dr. Thomas Kosasa, Jacquelyn Low and
Dr. Carl Morton.
Nathalie Walker photo | nwalker@midweek.com

Today, Jacquelyn is a healthy, vibrant young woman, who is well rounded with a love for life. “Jacquelyn has always known how she was conceived; she knows she is Hawaii’s first test tube baby. But I don’t think she really understands how far-fetched it was for us to have her,” as her mother tells the newspaper. Her parents tried unsuccessfully to have a baby for five years.

Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute has helped bring more than 7,000 babies into the world since 1985 and we continue to help people from Hawaii and around the world.

Infertility treatment is complex, requiring a large amount of time and effort by many professionals. That is why we employ the “team approach” — physicians, biologists, laboratory technicians, nurses and front office staff work together with you to provide the highest level of care.

Patients benefit from the wealth of knowledge from all three of our experienced physicians. You will be seen by each of the physicians during the course of your IVF cycle. Our main focus is not only to help you in achieving a pregnancy, but to take care of you through the IVF process.

You are our number one priority.